Amazon Herb products Gravizon, Fiberzon Plus, Calmazon, Recovazon, Rainforest Treasure Tea,
Aquazon and other Amazon herbs and Amazon Rain Lluvia skin care products.

Amazon herbs deliver antioxidant protection for healthy aging and your other health goals!

Amazon herbs for optimal health

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Not sure which formula may be best for you? Consider the following Amazon Herb products for support of:

Weight Loss:

ProDigest, Fiberzon Plus, Aqua Algae, Glucose Health, Illumination, Rainforest Treasure Tea

Calming and Stress-Relief:

Serenity, Camu Gold, Rejuvenate

Energy and Performance:

Aqua Algae, Rejuvenate, Recovery, Warrior

Immune Support:

Fortify, Una de Gato, Sangre de Drago, Camu Gold

Recover and Rebuild

Shield, Camu Gold, Recovery, ProDigest

Cleanse and Detox

Fiberzon powder or Fiberzon Plus capusules, Rainforest Treasure Tea, Fortify, Camu Gold

Overall Health Support

Illumination, Rainforest Treasure Tea, Fiberzon Powder or Fiberzon Plus, ProDigest, Aqua Algae, Camu Gold

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To comply with FDA regulations regarding how the raw herbs can be sourced, many of the original Amazon Herb products have been reformulated.

Below is a list of the current product line (with the comparable, original product listed behind each).

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