Amazon Herb products Gravizon, Fiberzon Plus, Calmazon, Recovazon, Rainforest Treasure Tea,
Aquazon and other Amazon herbs and Amazon Rain Lluvia skin care products.

Amazon herbs are
sustainably-harvested and support Rainforest Indigenous communities and preservation projects.*

These unique foods deliver
antioxidant protection for healthy aging and your other health goals!

Amazon herbs for optimal health

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Suggested Amazon Herb formulas to consider for support of:

Weight Loss:

ProDigest, Fiberzon Plus, Aquazon, Metabazon, Illumination, Rainforest Treasure Tea

Calming and Stress-Relief:

Calmazon, Camu Gold, Rejuvenate

Energy and Performance:

Aqua Algae, Rejuvenate, Amazon Perform Shake, Recovazon, Warrior

Immune Support:

Arcozon, Una de Gato, Sangre de Drago, Camu Gold

Recover and Rebuild

Envirozon, Camu Gold, Recovazon, ProDigest

Overall Health Support

Fiberzon Powder or Fiberzon Plus, ProDigest, Aqua Algae, Rainforest Treasure Tea, Amazon Perform Shake, Camu Gold

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What makes Amazon Herb products different from other brands of herbal formulas?

Amazon Herb formulas are the highest quality products, right from the start:

Whenever possible, the raw materials are wild-grown in virgin soil so their chemistries are more highly diverse and potent than foods more easily available.

From there, they are ecologically harvested and cleaned in South America by our native partners. The plants are then shipped to the United States where they are checked by Customs, the FDA, the Department of Agriculture and other regulatory departments. They are hand inspected and are never fumigated, x-rayed or irradiated.

At the production facility, the Spagyric process begins when the plant material is placed under a 100,000 pound press and then separated into three active components, an oil fraction, a clear volatile fraction and a mineral fraction. The next step is purification with special techniques using water and alcohol, which not only purify but also enhance the bioavailability of the water-soluble, oil soluble and mineral essentials. The plant fiber is then reduced to ash. The essential oils and liquids are kept at room temperature to retain their life force. The alkaline ash, with all of its nutritional content, is reunited with the oils and liquids. Because of the intricacies of the steps involved, it takes several weeks to process each batch of the formulas.

The finished blend is a full potency, maximum performance; fast acting liquid formula. This process assures that all of the plants natural therapeutic value including trace elements, glycosides, alkaloids, polysaccharides and essential oils are delivered via the liquid or capsules.

At the end of this process, Amazon Herb formulas provide powerful nutrients that reflect the Amazon Rainforest's vitality and the ancient wisdom of the spagyric process. The result is truly a living miracle.

Learn important facts about the Amazon Rainforest for our health and the health of the planet.
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